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Nicaragua 2018

A group of us will be heading down to Nicaragua in June as a mission trip to Mustard Seeds community. Mustard Seed runs an orphanage filled with kids who are disabled and forgotten by their families. Our teens, some core, and myself will be traveling down there for a week to help build some new buildings for the community, paint and upgrade some existing structures, as well as hang out with the kids during the afternoons.

If you could please pray for our mission team as well as all the children down in Nicaragua we would truly appreciate that. Along with being a prayer partner you can help us financially as well. We will be fundraising our way down to Nicaragua and most of the money we raise goes right to Mustard Seed communities to help the children down there. If you would like to donate to a specific missionary going down or the whole group feel free to send in a check or you can donate online though parish pay: Here

You can check out our mission page, as well as all the missionaries personal pages Here. You can also donate through that Mustard Seed communities page and help support us that way too.

Thank you for all the support and prayers for all of the teens going down and for all the children in Nicaragua.


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